09 Sep 2012

Big Brother 14 – Team Ian

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OK, enough trash talk about Obama and Romney.  Lets get down to the REALLY issue at hand…who is going to win Big Brother 14 this year?  For those of you that don’t know, Big Brother is this stupid show that has been on every summer since 2000 in the USA, but is also huge around the world. They put 12-16 guests in a house and have cameras on them live 24/7 the entire time they are in the house…very much like George Orwells “1984”, hence the name “Big Brother.”  I say “stupid” because it is cheesy, and a waste of time…much like a soap opera.  And in many ways just as addicting.  So yes, I’ve been watching it since the first season.  Some seasons are better than others, and to be honest, I thought this season was going to be a flop.  But there has been some great game-play over the last few weeks that has really stepped up the excitement.  I am on “Team Ian”, Ian Terry, a 21 year old guy that is a total nerd, and has literally studied Big Brother tactics for years.  It has been a life-time goal to get on Big Brother…and he has played the game very skillfully, with some help from a few of the veterans of the show.  He’s a dork, lacks social skills, may be autistic, is the typical nerd that probably got picked on in high school; however, he is extremely intelligent, is persistent, loyal, has a heart of gold, and personally think would be a great friend.  He has outplayed some of the best BB players in the history of the game so far, and I really hope that he is the eventual winner. Only 2 more weeks to go.  GO TEAM IAN!


RANDOM THOUGHTS: Stressing at work, per usual. | Feeling lonely this week since all my friends have either moved away permanently or on vacation in fun places like England or Australia. |  My head hurts…migraines. | Got a full box of Twinkies for a buck at WalMart yesterday (they are gone now). | Some idiot threw a glass beer bottle at the pool and it broke, sending glass everywhere and forcing them to close the pool to completely drain it, clean it and refill it. What an ass. | I’m done with the political discussions…I will watch the debates, but unless something major happens, I’ve made my decision and will cast my vote October 18th when Early Voting begins.  End of discusion…period. | TC had a growth spurt over the last couple of weeks and is now a full blown cat…no longer a kitty. | Summer is over, fall seems to have begun with temperatures all this week below 90 degrees…sleeping with the windows open again 🙂


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