23 Oct 2012

Well, it’s done.  No more rhetoric… no more polls… no more TV ads… I have made my final decisions and cast my vote.  And to be honest, this is the most informed on ALL the candidates than I have ever been.  For the first time I voted a straight Republican ticket. Normally I vote on each office on it’s own merits, but this time, it just so happened that they all had (R) after their names.  I am not going to re-hash my reasons, but the economy is the most important issue…all others are secondary.  Until we get the economy back on track, everything else is secondary… everything… including social issues.


Other things on my brain… A friend of mine unexpectedly passed away last week.  Brian was more of an acquaintance than a “friend” but still a loss non the same.  Only 36 years old, Brian had battled cancer TWICE and beat it both times.  He always was a very positive person and always was the first to say HI and give you a hug.  Sadly he received news that the doctors had found another tumor.  He apparently died of an overdose of meds…not sure if it truly was an “accident” or if he decided that he couldn’t go through the whole “thing” again.  I pray it was an accident and he didn’t even realize it.  He left behind a beautiful little girl that was the center of his life.  Rest in Peace Brian.


One step closer to getting out of my financial situation.  I really need to wrap this up before the election.  I fear that refinancing rates will start going up once a new president is decided…either way.  They really can’t go down much further, so I guess now is the time to make my move.


OK, it’s 3 AM and really don’t have the energy to continue on here, so “Good Night.”



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