19 Oct 2014

iPhone Vs. LG G3 – The Struggle Is Real

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I’ve been an iPhone supporter since the iPhone 1 came out. What a piece of ingenious technology! It has literally changed the telephone, music and electronics industries forever.  I’ve had 3 iPhones since 2007…a 1, 4, and 5.  I strayed from iOS between 4 and 5 when the data plans were just getting too rich for my wallet.  I switched over to an HTC 3D EVO and went with the Virgin Mobile All-You-Can-Eat data plan.  What a mistake!  The phone was a loser…went through 4 of them in 3 months, and the Virgin Mobile (Sprint) coverage and customer service was pitiful.  I gave it the old college try, but between HTC, Android, and Virgin Mobile I finally gave up and went back to the iPhone. Fast forward nearly 2 years…I’ve been a happy iPhone 5 user and the iPhone 6 was just released.  My plan with AT&T is up in three months so it’s time to start deciding if I get on the bandwagon with the iPhone 6 or jump ship again.  So I went to one of my favorite sites on the web, www.PhoneArena.com where you can compare all the phones and carriers head-to-head.  There was talk on the interwebs about a so-called iPhone killer called the LG G3, so I put it to the test and sure enough, according to PhoneArena, the LG G3 blew the iPhone 6 away in just about every spec. Android has stepped up it’s game as well offering a lot of cool features that iPhone 6 just doesn’t have.  I put it out of my head for the time being because I had to wait until January 15th to upgrade one way or the other.

But then an iPhone users worst nightmare hit.  The horrible thud-thud-thud sound emanating from the washer, and when you reach inside your pocket to discover your iPhone isn’t there.  My heart sank at the realization that I washed my clothes…and my iPhone.  FML!  I tried all the “fixes” the internet had to offer, but after a week of my iPhone living in a bag of rice and no success at a start-up, I finally came to the realization that I needed to make a trip to Best Buy and see what they could offer me. So after wandering around the cellphone section aimlessly I finally sat down with my new best friend Josh, the supervisor and head geek of everything phones.  Nice guy…really knew his stuff.  We went over all the options available…discussed the pros and cons of the service plans and phones.  I noticed he had an iPhone 5S playing music in the section and I asked him, “so, if you were to compare the iPhone 6 or the LG G3 head-to-head, which phone would you get?”  Without missing a beat he said “the LG…the specs are better than the iPhone.”  I was shocked!  So I said “OK then, the G3 it is.” He grabbed one and began the process of making the switch.  In less than an hour I was in and out of there with my new phone.  Josh made the transition easy and painless.

Now that I have had the G3 as my “daily driver” for a week, I can honestly say I couldn’t happier.  It has SO many great features that the iPhone 6 doesn’t offer.  It has been a lot of fun customizing it, adding widgets, turning on/off functions and in general making it MY phone…the way I want it…not being stuck within the framework of what Apple wants me to have.  I may be struck down by lightening for saying that…but it’s true. Nicer screen, better battery life, more options, total freedom to “play”.  So far the only bug that I have found…and it’s not really a bug per say… but the headphone jack output is throttled back to a “safe” level as to not hurt your ears.  Unfortunately some headphones need more power to drive them, like my Bose.  At 100% it is listenable, but being a former DJ, there are times I want to ROCK, and the G3 or Android (or both) just won’t allow you to.  Hopefully this will be something addressed when Lollipop comes to the G3 in a few months.  But that’s it…no other complaints at all.

Sure I won’t be able to Facetime, or use iCloud, but there are other options that do the same thing or better. The one thing that really bothered me about my transition was the fact that Apple’s iMessage doesn’t like to let go if you move away from the Apple family.  You will find that people that you used to iMessage with can no longer reach you.  It’s a known issue for Apple, and there is actually a class action lawsuit about it because the issue has been around since Day 1 of iMessage.  After trying all the “fixes” I got from the interwebs, I finally called AppleCare and spend about 30 minutes with a very nice gentleman that was able to go into Apple’s servers and kill-off my account.  Problem solved.

So…in closing, here is my recommendation to anyone trying to decide if they should get the iPhone 6.  Don’t take my word for it…go to PhoneArena.com and do your own research between the iPhone and the G3.  You can then make an informed decision.  If you like ease of use, plug-and-play technology and the ability to use a phone right out of the box without any geek knowledge, than the iPhone is for you.  But if you want the ability to tweak your phone the way you want it, have advanced features, and go against cattle-call mentality, then I would suggest you try the LG G3.  It is the iPhone Killer that Apple was always worried about.

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