28 Sep 2012

My Gas Tank Is On “Empty”

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The last couple weeks have been a major struggle.  This “thing” that is in my head (for lack of a better description) just won’t go away…and it is making it virtually impossible for me to think, concentrate or sleep.  At first the doc-in-a-box thought it was stress, muscle tension, so he gave me some “happy pills” which had no effect on me.  So next I hit up the chiropractor and he agreed that there was something crazy so he reset my “Atlas” but that didn’t help much, so then I went to the dentist thinking it was some teeth banging together.  Well there were, and he adjusted that but the head pain continues.  So now he has me trying a night guard.  If this doesn’t clear up over the weekend I’m going back to the doc-in-a-box and try a round of antibiotics to see if it’s some infection floating around up in there.  If that doesn’t work then he wants to scan my head…he’ll find nothing…it’s empty, trust me.


Saga with my cellphone…it quit on me for no particular reason.  I was eating lunch reading Facebook and poof, it went dark and never came back.  I called Virgin Mobile, they confirmed it was dead, and the overnighted me a new one.  I was impressed.  Until I tried to use the new phone (#2).  Seems it was D-O-A.  They blamed FedEx.  So Mister Tech Support says “no problem, we’ll ship you another one.”  which they did (#3) and it too arrived D-O-A.  Funny part is that this came with someone else’s SIM card in it!  My guess is they are not even trying to repair them, just slap a new label on it and ship em out as refurbished…which seems pretty dumb to me.  So tomorrow morning I’ll call them again and see if they’ll ship me yet another one.


Work is killing me.  I really need some time off, but the Work Orders just keep rolling in.  I really think that a good portion of my head issue is work related…not sure if it’s stress or environment or whatever, but these 7 day work weeks are killing me…up at 5:30 AM.  I get home at 6:30, have a bite, watch TMZ and I’m pretty much ready for bed!  My social life is at an all-time low. Thank God Tim calls every once in a while and we go out for dinner or I would be able to become a member of the Priesthood.

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