25 Aug 2012

New Addition To My Collection

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It’s taken nearly a year of tracking one of these down, but finally one popped up on eBay and I grabbed it.  It’s an MPE1 Electronic Memory Programmer for the Seeburg 1000.  It looks like an old-school turntable, but Seeburg customised it and added some technology that was pretty advanced for it’s time (early 1960’s). Here is a good description, that I stole from another website, of what it does:

The MPE1 was used to occasionally inject a commercial into the background music. The audio output of the Background Music system plugs into this unit, which then outputs either the background music audio, or the commercial, which comes from a record on the MPE1 turntable.   The records were to be specially cut with the commercial on them, but obviously you could put any record you wanted on the turntable.   Control switches gave you the choice of only playing background music, only playing what was on the turntable, or a mixture of both. The rotary selector switch without the knob should let you choose between, 1 and 10 background music cuts per MPE1 record cut.   It worked by sensing the quiet passages between selections to activate a stepper switch, which would interject MPE1 audio once the wiper arm reached the position selected by the rotary switch.


Probably more information than you really wanted, but there it is. It cleaned up real well, and in general it’s in great shape.  No “smoke test” yet.  Still on-the-hunt for an Encore unit.  I found a nice one a few weeks back but the guy took it off the market after two days…don’t think he sold it, but was looking to find a key for it.


Hung out with Tim and ruined his one-day diet by going to 5 Guys…SO GOOD!  Then watched a movie that I really thought was going to suck: Mr. Popper’s Penguins starring Jim Carrey.  It was actually a very funny movie and we laughed all night…even Piper, Tim’s dog, seemed to be getting into it barking at the penguins!  But Tim is now off on a world tour for a month to Australia, amongst other places.  Who knows where I’ll be getting a Face-Time call from…last time it was Beijing, China…hard to top that.


Guess my last post got a few people stirred up. Good!  Got some good replies, but nothing that changed my mind.  I still think Obama, Pelosi and Reid are a bunch of crooks and Biden is a loose cannon…and I can’t wait for them to get kicked to the curb.  Of coarse that may not happen, at which time I think we can watch the country fall into another recession, become socialist, and fall to third-world status.  I hope it doesn’t come to that.


Will someone PLEASE tell Randy Travis to just stop.  Thank you.


Still tweaking this website…got a few more pages in the works and more pictures to upload…but so far it’s coming along nicely.  I must say that working with some of the WordPress developers has been fun.  They seem to love it when people find a bug and they figure out how to make it work…which is totally amazing to me.  There are thousands of lines of code that run these sites and they know right where to go to fix an issue.  I’m taking on a self-challenge to see if I can mimic one of our “professional” station websites like WQDR’s and re-create the format using stock WordPress themes and plug-ins…no custom stuff.  Should be fun…in a sick sort of “I’ve already got too much on my plate” kinda way.


I saw this ad on Facebook for a company called SmartThings, and it seemed rather vague, so I checked it out.  Turns out to be a very cool start-up company that is using social media the right way.  Basically it is a product like X10 home automation, but with a much more cool, cutting edge approach.  They are doing a Kickstarter fund-raiser, so I jumped on-board and ended up being one of the first 100 to pledge. In just 3 days they have reached 75% of their $250,000 goal, which is damn impressive.  Kevin Rose, one of the great internet entrepreneurs even jumped on board, so that in it self is a major endorsement.  Should be fun to see where this goes.


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