13 Aug 2012

New Website Launches

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I gave up on the last design…it actually had TOO MANY features and options.  Trying to figure them all out was just too time consuming, so I found a design that was easier to work with, and here it is!  I think this is my favorite so far.  Once I got the hang of the designers thought process, the project came along pretty quickly.  I also was tired of dealing with my hosting company.  They made some changes about 6 months ago and moved my site to a “new and improved” server, but my site was down 2-3 times a week. So I packed my HTML and moved over to GoDaddy.  I’ve got over 100 domains with them and hardly ever have any trouble with them.  I am hoping I can still download all my old files off their servers before they delete my account.  So I’ll finish up adding the content and more pictures over the next few days and then I can check this off my personal “To Do List”.

We had another death in the family this week…that makes 3 this year.  First my uncle, then my step-sister, and now my step-mother’s granddaughter’s husband was killed in action in Afghanistan.  He was only 23 and just had a baby about a month before he was shipped out.  I never met him, but my Dad did and he was very impressed by him.  He was based here in North Carolina at Camp Lejeune. I worked down-east for several years and know how tight the Marine family is, and I was happy to hear that they are taking care of the family…going above and beyond to make sure everything is handled, making it much easier on the family.


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