01 Sep 2012

RNC Convention Done…DNC Comedy Show Next

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Hurricane Isaac messed things up for the RNC Convention last week, he slowly moved along, and eventually things seemed to have gotten better.  There were some good, bad and odd speakers.  I won’t bore you with a lot of specifics since you probably watched it, heard about it, or You-Tubed it.  But personally (and remember my theme for the last post…this is just my opinion, one which I am allowed to have) I thought Chris Cristie was a bit of a let down…I was expecting more “fire and brimstone” from him, but still a good speech.  Condoleezza  Rice was amazing as always, Paul Ryan was great… very inspirational… I kind of felt like I was listening to a pre-game coaches pep talk before the big game.  Mitt Romney’s speech was very well done, very touching at times (the rose story and the pile of kids story), and  tough on the facts.  Made me feel much better about my vote.  But before Mitt’s speech, there was Dirty Harry.  WHAT-THE-HELL-WAS THAT? Clint Eastwood was supposed to talk for 5 minutes, but he went off the script (and off the reservation) for 11 minutes.  While there were a couple of good one-liners, you just know the big-wigs at the RNC were looking for some way to get him off the stage PRONTO!  Clint’s performance out-trended Mitt’s in the Twittersphere…I’m sure the RNC wasn’t happy about that either.  But all-in-all it was interesting to watch.  Next up is the DNC’s shindig in Charlotte.  I don’t have a good feeling…I’ve been saying for months that I have this feeling in my gut that something bad is going to happen in Charlotte ala Chicago in 1968.  I really, truly hope I’m wrong.


Had a total melt-down at work Friday when a feature in the CMS platform we use failed miserably.  Ended up staying up for 36+ hours trying to get it fixed and hopefully make the client happy.  Our provider did get it fixed and accepted full responsibly, but I was a complete and total wreck!  I was in bed by 8:30 last night and slept for 12 straight hours.


Thank God for my friend Melatonin!


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