I Voted Today

Well, it’s done.  No more rhetoric… no more polls… no more TV ads… I have made my final decisions and cast my vote.  And to be honest, this is the most informed on ALL the candidates than I have ever been.  For the first time I voted a straight Republican ticket. Normally I vote on each.. read more →

My Gas Tank Is On “Empty”

The last couple weeks have been a major struggle.  This “thing” that is in my head (for lack of a better description) just won’t go away…and it is making it virtually impossible for me to think, concentrate or sleep.  At first the doc-in-a-box thought it was stress, muscle tension, so he gave me some “happy pills”.. read more →

Big Brother 14 – Team Ian

OK, enough trash talk about Obama and Romney.  Lets get down to the REALLY issue at hand…who is going to win Big Brother 14 this year?  For those of you that don’t know, Big Brother is this stupid show that has been on every summer since 2000 in the USA, but is also huge around.. read more →

RNC Convention Done…DNC Comedy Show Next

Hurricane Isaac messed things up for the RNC Convention last week, he slowly moved along, and eventually things seemed to have gotten better.  There were some good, bad and odd speakers.  I won’t bore you with a lot of specifics since you probably watched it, heard about it, or You-Tubed it.  But personally (and remember my.. read more →

New Addition To My Collection

It’s taken nearly a year of tracking one of these down, but finally one popped up on eBay and I grabbed it.  It’s an MPE1 Electronic Memory Programmer for the Seeburg 1000.  It looks like an old-school turntable, but Seeburg customised it and added some technology that was pretty advanced for it’s time (early 1960’s)… read more →

Romney / Ryan Get My Vote

Oh I know I just pissed off about all of my friends, but I’m allowed to have an opinion, and mine is that President Obama’s “Hope & Change” has failed and it’s time for a change.  Obama himself said that if he couldn’t change things in 3 years that he would be a 1-term President. .. read more →