Raleigh, United States
  I’ve had a fascination about the weather going back to 8th grade when I used to copy down the weather map off the TODAY show and then put it up on this giant map that was a roll-up chalkboard in Mr. Potopski’s homeroom.  The king of all weathermen is Dick Goddard, who at 84, is still going the weather on Channel 8 in Cleveland, Ohio.  I also found the Time & Temperature phone services very interesting…I still remember the phone numbers (216-GR1-1212 and 216 WE1-1212).  They eventually got rid of the separate time number…the GR stood for GReenwich Mean Time. I eventually started my own Time & Temperature service in Goldsboro and New Bern, North Carolina using a PC computer and crude voice-clip editing, and I was getting 6000 calls a day, which isn’t bad for towns of their size.  When the Internet came along I got a weather station and started  At first it was a crude web-cam picture and some basic stats, then I picked up a copy of WeatherView32 and things got fancy.  Eventually I tried my hand with PHP and HAMweather.  I do run a live weather station which you can view in real-time here or you can visit my WeatherUnderground page for more in-depth stats and details.

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