Who I Am Not


I Am Not THAT Bryce Wilson

It is rather odd that for a person with such an unusual name as Bryce Wilson, I have so many famous (or infamous) people that I share it with.  Here are some of the most notable that you might find interesting and/or amusing…

I am NOT the rapper Bryce Wilson.
Nothing personal, but I really dislike rap.  If you enjoy it, fantastic, but if you are looking for the rapper Bryce Wilson, click here.  He must not be real happy with me cause I grabbed all the good URL’s and screen names many years ago.

Also, I am NOT the film critic Bryce Wilson.
I love movies, and go just about every week, but my opinion is just that…my opinion.  If you want the real film critic Bryce Wilson, click here.

Yea, I was a DJ years ago, I am NOT the giant Cheeto DJ Bryce Wilson
Apparently a DJ names Bryce Wilson in Iowa found the largest Cheeto ever and in true DJ fashion, he turned it into a radio stunt.  You can read about it when you click here.

And finally, I am NOT the male escort Bryce Wilson.
Ahhhh…not much I can say on this one, other than if you are looking for his services, you might wanna click here…then again, maybe you better not…LOL!